Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Veneers/Crowns – A way to make teeth look great and give you a great smile.  A veneer is bonded on the front part of a tooth where a crown goes around the entire tooth.
  • Invisalign – a way to straighten teeth without braces
  • Bleaching – In office bleaching is a 2 hour session with several applications of whitening.  Prior to the long appointment there will be a short appointment that impressions will be taken for bleaching trays.  Take home bleaching is done at home with solution and trays.  This will take one appointment when impressions are taken for trays.
  • Orthodontics treatment – traditional metal or clear brackets are used for braces.  To begin this process up to two appointments will be needed before braces are put on.  The first appointment is when xrays are taken and impressions which then are used to diagnos what the treatment would be.  The 2nd appointment is used for the consultation and if ready seperators will be placed and 1st appointment for braces will be scheduled.